Massage Therapy
Customized Massage Therapy

At Fine Feather Healing Arts, we offer customized massages. We don't have a routine. We don't all do the same thing. We are a team of licensed professional massage therapists with a variety of different skills and training. We pride ourselves on listening to your unique bodywork needs and creating a customized therapeutic massage session designed just for you. You tell us what's going on, and we cater to that. Whether you need a massage that will fix those problems in your neck, low back, and hips. Or you are recovering from a repetitive stress or orthopedic injury. Maybe you are just stressed and are in need of deep rest and relaxation. Whatever it is, we will tailor our work to your body and give you pro-tips to take home with you at the end of a session. We want to help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and pain free in your body. That is our mission.


Our priority is to get you functioning at optimum health. To get you there, all of our massages include a customized blend of the techniques listed below. You and your therapist will work together to find the techniques that work best for you and leave you feeling like each session brings you a step further to how you want your body to feel.

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